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4 Mistakes When Cutting Your Hair On Your Own

If you’re cutting your hair without a professional, these tips will help you avoid making many mistakes to achieve the hairstyle you want.

That’s why don’t make the following mistakes when cutting your hair if you want to achieve a trendy hair style:

1. Using The Wrong Clippers

There are various types of hair cutting clippers, but you need to use the best one, depending on your hair type. The clipper you use should be comfortable for you. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend a ton of money on it.

You can either use any of the clippers below:


If you’re using a straightener, you can either go with a metal or ceramic straightener. It’s very lightweight, and it has an all-metal plate to work with. It’s generally designed with two different settings: a wide or a narrow setting depending on what kind of hair you want to cut. These straighteners’ plates are typically made up of aluminum because it is durable and can withstand daily use.

Some of these clippers even have different attachments making it easier to cut your hair. With the all-metal plates, you can easily clean it, and you will not have to worry about damaging the clipper.

Electric clipper

These electric clippers come in a variety of styles. Depending on your needs, you can choose a model that’ll suit you the best. The biggest advantage of using these clippers is they’re extremely light. When compared to the other types of clippers, they can cost you less money. 

2. Using The Wrong Scissors

The best hair-cutting scissors shouldn’t only be sharp but also durable. The best ones are those which are designed with different sized blades and sharpness levels.

For instance, if your hair is finer, you need to buy a pair of scissors with smaller sharp edges so that you won’t cut it too deep. Use soft but gentle scissors; never use sharp or blunt scissors because they can harm the hair and the scalp. It would help if you used a pair of scissors cutting hair longer than 2 inches long.

You should avoid cutting your curly hair with a scissor to cut it. Curly hair usually looks messy when it’s cut, and using scissors can make it appear more unkempt and less appealing.

3. Using The Wrong Hair Dryer

While using a dryer, always ensure that the temperature is low enough. High temperatures can cause damage to the skin and hair, making your hair dry unevenly.

If you’re using hair dryers excessively, the hair will break easily. Dryers also cause heat damage to the scalp, so you need to use it at a minimum. 

4. Using The Wrong Comb Or Hair Brush

The right comb for your hair and scalp is the one that suits your hair length and thickness.

Before cutting your hair, you should always brush your hair to remove dead hair. This can help you cut your hair evenly.


After you finish your work, your hair should be clean and shining. If your hair looks dull and damaged, you should consult your stylist for a professional touch. 

Remember that you need to cut your hair carefully. There are many mistakes people make when they are cutting their hair. But remember that you can avoid these mistakes by following the tips above.