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How To Effectively Remove Hair Dye?

Learning how to remove hair dye can save you time and frustration later on when time comes to dye your hair again. If you’ve tried rinsing your dye with a shampoo and it doesn’t come off, then try other methods.

There are a lot of different ways on how to remove hair dye from your hair, and here are some ways and tips on how to use them:

1. Baking Soda

To use baking soda to remove hair dye from your hair, you simply combine one teaspoon of it with two cups of water. The next step is to apply this solution to your hair and massage it into the scalp. Do this for about fifteen minutes and then rinse out the solution with warm water.

Use a comb to remove any residue that may be left on your hair after rinsing it out. Then you can wash your hair as usual. There are no harmful chemicals in this solution so you can breathe easy knowing you’re doing the right thing.

2. Dish Soap

Use a small amount of dish soap and mix it with a few drops of water. Then all you need to do is rinse the hair with the solution and you have a complete wash that will get rid of all the dye. Do this by applying it to the area where you want to remove the dye .

You can do this twice or thrice a week if you want to maintain the clean look of your hair. Or if you want to try another trendy hair color, doing this will help.

There are a lot of products in the market nowadays that claim that they can do this but only a handful of them work effectively. You just need to find the right dish soap that will work for you.

3. Vinegar Rinse

Add a cup of vinegar to some hot water and soak your hair in it for a few minutes. Once you have done this, you can then rinse out the hair and gently pat it dry with a towel to remove as much water as possible.

Another way is to mix the vinegar in a bottle and then apply it to the hair by dabbing the bottle directly onto the hair. This method works by keeping the chemical inside the bottle on the hair for an extended period of time, which means that it dries up the hair and removes the excess chemicals before rinsing.

For a long-term use, a solution of equal parts of water and vinegar will work best. You should first soak the hair in the solution for about half an hour or more and then rinse it out with clean water. Be careful not to rub the hair when rinsing out the solution, as this could damage the hair and make it more susceptible to damage from chemicals contained in the dye. Rinse and dry the hair thoroughly before putting it away in a clip-on style.

4. Crushed Vitamin C

You  need to mix crushed vitamin C with other products. The most popular mixture is apple cider vinegar. You will then combine apple cider vinegar with some rose water. You should apply the mixture to your scalp before going to bed at night. This way, your hair will become completely coated in the acid. The next morning, you will have a very beautiful colored hair.


You should always remember to rinse out your hair after shampooing. Otherwise your hair will become coated with the coloring solution, making the color on your hair even darker.

This will make sure that you don’t leave any residue or dirt on the hair. It would be a good idea to put on some Bobby pins so that the hair will be held back together. If you can follow these simple steps, you can get the hair dye out of your hair without wasting time and money!