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How To Keep Your Hair Smooth And Shiny?

Everybody wants to have a hair that’s smooth and shiny, but only a few know how to make it happen. Well, this relies on how to make your hair stay smooth and shiny.

Aside from going to the salon and getting a treatment, you can do the following tips so your hair will stay healthy shown by its smoothness:

1. Use Natural Hair Products

You need an excellent natural product so you can prevent damaging your hair or leaving you feeling deprived and uncomfortable.

Find hair products with natural ingredients that will not harm your hair or cause dandruff, oily scalp, or split ends. These hair care products work great and provide you with the protection you need to maintain your hair’s health. Some of these products contain natural oils that are perfect for keeping your scalp and hair clean.

The best natural hair products will include the necessary vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that help your hair grow. They should contain all-natural extracts as well as some form of antioxidant. This means that they’ll not damage your hair or cause dryness.

2. Comb With Care

A hairstyling comb is an essential tool to maintain the smoothness and shine of your hair. The best time to start using your comb is to begin to wash your hair; it should then be used to detangle the ends and separate strands and make the hair appear fuller. You may use your comb in any setting – straightening, curling, or even curling your hair.

When applying your comb to your hair:

  1. Dry it first using a towel.
  2. Apply a good quality comb oil, and blow-dry the hair thoroughly.
  3. Use a comb to make hair look thicker by detangling it or removing small knots and danglers, leaving your head with a clean, natural appearance. It would help if you used the comb in small sections where the knots are, rather than creating layers of thick curls where there are one.

There are different hair types, so it’s essential to know the right size of comb to use depending on what kind of hair you have. Thicker hair tends to require a smaller comb, while dry hair needs a larger one. It’s best to use an oval-shaped comb to help detangle long hair. Long hair can also make it difficult to untangle it, but you can make it much easier to work with a circular comb.

One way to keep hair shiny and healthy is using the right kind of comb to a hairstyle without damaging it.

3. Apply Some Shine Spray

Also, you can use a shine spray to let your hair stay shiny. This spray can work on all types of hair.

If you have very light and silky hair, it’s vital to choose a shine spray that can coat your hair in a liquid form, which is shinier than a solid solution. If your hair is fairly thick and dry, then go with something slightly thicker that can add a little extra shine.

Remember, you should never spray the shine spray too close to your scalp as this will cause damaged hair.


So if you want to have smooth and shiny hair, you should remember the tips above. From using natural hair products that keep your hair from damage to using the right kind of comb, these tips will surely help you achieve shiny and smooth hair.