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3 Signs Your Hair Is Unhealthy

If you want to have a pristine overall appearance, your hair can help you with it. But if your hair is unhealthy, it can affect your appearance. If you’re noticing any signs that your hair is unhealthy, you know that you need to find treatment to fix this problem.

But before doing so, be aware of the following signs that indicate your hair needs some treatment:

1. Split Ends

Splitting ends are certainly one of the biggest symptoms of unhealthy hair or knowing you’re having problems with split ends. Many people will spot a split end on their hair instantly and scan their hair to see if they have them. Usually, you’ll check a single strand of hair that’s either split or frayed and will find more of it. If your strands have split ends, they may be developing into a full-blown bald spot.

If you’re suffering from split ends, you may have tried out a variety of remedies to help cure this condition, but have found that none are working for you. With such, your problem may lie in how your hair follicles have been damaged. Thus, this may be the reason why your hair follicles aren’t producing the amount of healthy hair you require.

Therefore, if you suffer from split ends, you will need to find a solution to help your follicles repair themselves, such as hair transplant surgery.

2. Dull Hair

There are many different reasons why dull hair may be a sign of health concerns. Some of the problems include stress, hormonal changes, illness, certain medications, and even genetics. If your hair is getting dull, this is a common sign, leading to less production and slower growth.

If you’re unsure why your hair is becoming less vibrant and shiny, then it’s essential to have it checked by a physician because it can affect your overall health. If the doctor finds that the problem is due to a physical problem, such as a weakened immune system, he or she can refer you to a specialist who will help you figure out your best course of action. The specialist will also make sure that your hair is healthy enough to grow properly.

3. Overly Dry Hair

Overly dry hair is a sign of unhealthy hair because the hair shaft dries out and loses natural moisture, making it brittle and weak. This can cause breakage, split ends, breakage at the root, and eventually hair loss.

If you’re not sure why excessively dry hair is a sign of unhealthy hair, then you may need to consider these things: a person with too much hair is more likely to have dry hair and scalp due to the lack of oils the scalp to moisturize it. 


If you see these signs, then your hair may have underlying issues. It’s best to seek your doctor’s advice on how you can treat your health problems. By doing so, you can find the right treatment for your hair issues.