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The Best Hair Styling Methods To Make A Statement

Your hair has a significant impact on the overall appeal of your everyday outfit. Hair styling methods such as changing the cut of your mane as well as its color and length can drastically alter how people see you. 

Hairstyles have long been used by women to express themselves and show off their dynamic personalities. A daring cut and a bold pop of hair color can enable you to stand out from the crowd instantly. 

Here are some of the best hair styling methods you can do to make a statement every time:

1. Curl for Defined Beach Waves

There are days when you just want to go to the beach and listen to the waves as they caress the sandy shores. This is especially true for stressful days when you ache to exchange your desk and paperwork for a hammock and your favorite book. 

However, if your schedule doesn’t permit it yet, you may want to settle for beach waves for now—just until you can pencil in time for a getaway. For the best curls, use an automatic curling iron to transform your hair. It’ll make styling more manageable and straightforward. 

Aside from a curling iron, these are the other products you need to achieve the perfect beach waves: 

  • Mousse

    Using this product first in your hair styling routine boosts the definition of natural curls and enhances the volume of people with straight, fine hair. Moreover, it also reduces frizz and maintains the hairstyle without the added crunchy texture of hairspray. 

  • Hair Dryer and Diffuser

    If you’ll be using this hair styling method right out of the shower, it’s better to blow dry your mane with a hair diffuser. The extra attachment protects your tresses from direct heat and creates a beautiful canvas for your routine. 

  • Sea Salt Spray

    Aside from eliciting beautiful memories of the sea, the salt in the spray enhances the texture and volume of your hair. This spray can dry your mane, though, so be sure to moisturize your locks as well. 

  • Dry Texturizing Spray 

    Complete your beach waves with a dry texturizing spray. With this product, you’ll enjoy the benefits of dry shampoo along with added texture and hold from hairspray. The primary difference with using hairspray is that this one gives off a more natural finish.

2. Straighten for a Sleek Lob

For those with medium-length hair, a sleek lob would be an ideal everyday look. The hairstyle is easy and manageable, even for the busiest of mornings. You just need your handy-dandy brush, hairdryer, and a straightener to achieve a put-together look with minimal time and effort.

3. Bunch Up for the Mermaid Shag

The mermaid shag is one of the latest hairstyle trends for 2019. It looks Boho-inspired with beach waves but less defined, letting women keep their length while allowing them to modify the layers. 

Ask your stylist to make layers without having them frame your face. This way, you ensure that your haircut won’t look outdated. 

Because the mermaid shag aims for a toned-down look, it’s very low maintenance. You just need to moisturize your locks if you had to have it curled in the salon and bunch it up along with some mousse and the like, which allows the curls to retain their shape.

4. Go Over and Under for Braids

There are lots of braid styles you can choose from depending on your mood for the day. You also have the option to braid all your hair or create a few thin ones for variation. 

You will need to sit down and get your hands working to achieve this look. Add some styling glue or pomade to ensure the longevity of your braids. You can then put on your athleisure outfit and head out for some errands in style. 

5. Twist and Turn for Updos

You should know some basic and easy updos that you can do for fancy, formal events. The low twisted bun is classy and very doable. You just need day-old curls and part the sides from the ears to the nape. Make a loose ponytail and twist it into a bun then pin. 

Take the side strands and wrap them around the knot. Pin them back to give the appearance that they’re intertwining with the bun. 


Your hairstyle affects your confidence and how other people see you. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror each morning to achieve the perfect hairdo. You just need to be familiar with the best hair styling methods that are easy, yet allow you to make a statement daily.