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Laser Hair Removal Watertown NY: Pros and Cons 

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure wherein high beams of light are used to remove the unwanted hair in your body. The pigment of the hair follicles absorb the highly concentrated light beams, thus removing the unwanted hair. Laser hair removal has grown to be one of the most widely used cosmetic procedures, especially in Watertown, New York, because of its advantages. However, you also have to look into its cons before availing such treatment.  


1. Highly Effective

Laser hair removal is considered to be more effective in removing unwanted body hair than waxing and shaving. In waxing and shaving, the hair grows back almost after a few days. But for laser removal, you could be hairless for about a month. And when the hair grows back, it will appear thinner and significantly less in number. With follow-up sessions, your unwanted hair will be continuously reduced. 

2. No Long-Term Health Risk 

Unlike harmful chemicals contained in some personal skin care products used in waxing or hair removal treatment, laser hair removal radiation doesn’t affect the skin cells in your body, so it’s not potentially harmful to your health. It doesn’t affect the dermis—the thickest layer of the skin—so even people with the most sensitive skin can undergo this procedure. You may have heard of rumors that laser hair removal can cause skin cancer, but this is false. The laser produces beams are specifically designed to target only the hair follicles. Though there may be some minor side effects, which is under its disadvantages, after treatment.

3. Applicable On Any Body Part

As long as unwanted hair in your body is present, laser hair removal can be applied. It has no limits as to where it is applicable; it can even be used on the most sensitive parts in your body, like your crotch. There are also some false rumors spreading that it may cause infertility, but this is not proven. If you’re planning to remove the unwanted hairs in your crotch area, then you need not to worry about this rumor. The laser only targets hair follicles so it cannot affect the internal organs in your body.  

 4. Time-efficient

Laser hair removal is reasonably time-efficient. It only takes a couple of minutes to an hour depending on the size of the area you want your hair to be removed. For smaller areas like your mustache area, it could be done in about three to five minutes.  


 1. Speed of effectiveness

As stated above, the procedure itself is fast, but you would need to have follow-up sessions to have an effective result. Follow-up sessions can be done in about a month after the first treatment. So it takes about an estimate of three to four months to see the actual effectiveness of laser hair removal. In the long run, laser hair removal takes time to work its magic. 

2. Cost

Compared to waxing and shaving, laser hair removal treatment is much more expensive. A professionally done wax can cost about 10-80 USD, depending on the size of the area waxed. Shaving, too, can be inexpensive since you can purchase a razor and shaving cream for about 20 USD, depending on the brand. But when it comes to laser hair removal, the cost is about 100-600 USD per session. Because it needs to be professionally done to guarantee great results and the equipment used are also expensive, the price can be costly.

3. Side effects

As stated above, laser hair removal poses some minor side effects that occur after treatment. Some may suffer minor inflammations that may feel like sunburns. Eye infections may occur when the practitioner and the patient don’t wear protective eyewear, especially when the procedure is done on the face. For safety purposes, pregnant women are not advised to undergo laser hair removal for it has not yet been tested and proven to be entirely safe for pregnancy.   


Although you want to have a fuller and shiny hair to make you appearance look better, you don’t want unwanted hair to keep growing on some of your body parts. Laser hair removal is thought to be the most effective way of reducing unwanted hair in your body.  Although safe for the health and it shows excellent results, look for a clinic around Watertown, NY with employees that are highly-trained and skilled before committing to this method. Also, you have to consider its disadvantages to check whether you’re suitable to undergo such a treatment. If the mentioned cons may seem detrimental or too disadvantageous on your part, then think twice about getting one.